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All vehicles on the roads in Spain must be roadworthy

The table below shows when the ITV test has to be passed for passenger transport vehicles “turismos”, caravans, motorbikes under 50cc and motorbikes over 50cc, depending on the age:

Passenger transport vehicles “turismos” and caravans Under 4 years Exempt
Between 4 and 10 years Every 2 years
Over 10 years Every year
Motorbikes under 50cc Under 4 years Exempt
Over 4 years Every 2 years
Motorbikes over 50cc Under 3 years Exempt
Over 3 years Every 2 years

ITV can be passed in any province of Spain, no matter where the vehicle is officially registered. In Malaga province it is necessary to get the      appointment in advance.

It is illegal to drive without the valid ITV, so please ensure you pass it before it expires. If you do not pass first time, you have one month to go      back without paying for ITV test again.

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