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Buying and selling a car in Spain

Buying or selling a used car in Spain can be a hazardous business, but if you take care to ensure that all the necessary paperwork is completed to cover yourself against liabilities, things should go smoothly.

If you are buying

Before committing yourself to a purchase, you can ask in Trafico for a document called Informe – life of vehicle. It will tell you if the vehicle has any problems/fines attached to it and who is the current official owner. Please confirm that the person selling you the vehicle is the official owner. If not, do make sure that the documents provided to you are from the official owner.

It is also very much advisable to make an official sale-purchase contract to benefit both parties. The template of the contract can be bought in any Gestoria, Official Tobacco Shops or here in Me Express.

Please note, that if the official owner is deceased, it is illegal to transfer his/her vehicle.

You should be given the originals of the following documents:

– Permiso de circulacion – car registration document

– Ficha technica – ITV document

– Payment confirmation of the current Road Tax

From the official owner you need the following documents (without them the transfer cannot be done):

– Copy of the valid passport

– Copy of the NIE or Residencia document

– Copy of DNI card – if the owner is Spanish

If you are selling

As a seller you should ensure that the vehicle would be transferred onto the new person’s name. We advise you to make the contract of sale-purchase, keep the copies of identification documents of the buyer and if you can go with him/her to a Gestoria or our office to make sure that the process of transfer has been started.

Otherwise any future fines, Road Taxes or accident involvement will all come back to you and you will be liable for them. Also, keep the contact details of the buyer, just in case.

Please contact us regarding the costs of the above services and list of necessary documentation., Antonio García, Gestor.

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How to become an official resident in Spain

ME Express Advice Centre provides a wide range of services. The full list is difficult to compile, as our services are mainly based on your problems.

What does this mean?

In the Advice Centre our intention is to provide solutions to everything. Clients usually come to us with their particular situation and we are here to help. So, often new services are added when the solution is found.

We can help you to apply for:

– NIE number

– Residencia certificate and renewal

– Social Security applications

– Medical Centre registrations

– Town Hall Registrations

– Passport renewals, etc.

– Driving licence exchange / renewal

Other services include:

– Post boxes for rent, where you can

– Receive all your post and packages

– Courier services

– Internet connection

– Photocopying

– Sending/receiving faxes

– Telephone answer service

We also provide help with:

-Telefonica – new line installation,

– Invoice problems, name change, etc.

– Sevillana Endesa – electricity and invoice problems

– Irrigation water – supplied by the Town Hall

– Antecedentes Penales document

– Doctor visits

– Other translation services (English, Spanish, Bulgarian, Dutch, German, French, Russian and Ukrainian languages)

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

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Starting a new life in Spain

Dear friends:

Thousands of foreigners now live permanently in southern Spain, making it one of the world’s favourite emigratory destinations. But… the bureaucracy in Spain is still very strong and the Spanish love their paperwork 🙂 The more you have, the happier they will be!

Relocation does not just include packing items together with family in the car and arriving in Spain. You have to remember that you are moving your whole life, so you have to plan for it properly and make sure you know what you are arriving to and what is required both in your home country and in Spain. So, you have to plan your move well!

People moving to Spain may be helped by reading the Me Express tips and advice. Here you will find news, advice, suggestions and relocating and business tips and tricks! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

Me Express Social Media Team