All vehicles on the roads in Spain must be roadworthy

The table below shows when the ITV test has to be passed for passenger transport vehicles “turismos”, caravans, motorbikes under 50cc and motorbikes over 50cc, depending on the age:

Passenger transport vehicles “turismos” and caravans Under 4 years Exempt
Between 4 and 10 years Every 2 years
Over 10 years Every year
Motorbikes under 50cc Under 4 years Exempt
Over 4 years Every 2 years
Motorbikes over 50cc Under 3 years Exempt
Over 3 years Every 2 years

ITV can be passed in any province of Spain, no matter where the vehicle is officially registered. In Malaga province it is necessary to get the      appointment in advance.

It is illegal to drive without the valid ITV, so please ensure you pass it before it expires. If you do not pass first time, you have one month to go      back without paying for ITV test again.

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!!Feliz día de los Santos Inocentes/ Happy Holy Innocents’ Day!!

The 28th of December is Innocents’ Day, similar in spirit to the American April Fools’ Day. On this day, people play inocentadas (pranks or practical jokes) on friends and relatives: people make jokes hoping that the victim believes the false thing. When people get caught, the joker says: “Inocente, inocente!” (“Innocent, innocent!”).

Today, the celebration is festive and fun, with people playing jokes and pranks on each other as much as possible 🙂

What would you do on Dia de Los Inocentes? Social Media Team

Relocation solutions in Spain:

Legalize your vehicle in Spain

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Re- registration to spanish number plates

Members of the Guardia Civil de Tráfico are focussing their efforts in free-flowing traffic areas such as urbanizations, schools zones, ring roads, etc.

Drivers whose cars still have the original country plates instead of a Spanish one are being stopped.

So be careful about driving and breaking the rules!! Social Media Team

Working in Spain and being Autonomo

If you would establish your own business and would manage it yourself, then this is the most appropriate type of company for you.
Autonomo status is the Spanish equivalent of self-employed or freelance and in addition covers people operating (unincorporated) small businesses. Anyone engaged in any of these activities is obliged to legalise them with respect to registration, paying the taxes and charging IVA (VAT).

In order to register in Spain as Autonomo, you must be in possession of an NIE certificate, a bank account (for the social security charges) and a work permit (if from outside the EU).

Registering Autonomo is essentially a two step process: registering as self-employed with the tax office (Agencia Tributaria) and joining the Autonomo social security system (Regimen Especial de Trabajadores Autonomos RETA).

Setting up a business in Southern Spain is simple with Relocation company in Malaga/ Gestoria.

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If you got stopped by the spanish Police while driving

Once the Police have decided they want to impound you, they may follow you to your house, or take the car to a Police depot. The impoundment of your vehicle means that you have to start the registration process immediately by payment of the registration tax (now called emissions tax or matriculación tax).

Other taxes will have to be paid for non-European vehicles. And the registration has to be finished within two months. The vehicle has to be collected from the depot with certain documentation that proves the start of the process. Please see information below regarding the registration process or contact us for advice on your personal situation. Social Media Team

New Certificate of Registry as European Union Citizen in Spain (NIE/Residencia)

The Spanish National Police informed that the Residencia format has been reduced, replacing the current A4 document for a standard laminate card, being the same document but with a tenfold reduction in size, much more handy now.

However, this new NIE number does not include a photo of the resident, so it must always be shown together with the passport or driving license with photo.

Spanish driving license is the only official Spanish document that a foreigner from the European Union will be allowed to have and that will be valid for identification purposes as it includes the NIE or Residencia number. Social Media Team